Come and Play with Clay

Express Yourself through this Grounding Experience

Nanamma Ceramic Studio is a creative space where individuals come together through their shared love for form, texture, and colour in the artistic process.
The name "Nanamma" embodies the spirit of togetherness.
Through the practice of meaningful and liberating activities such as working with clay, we foster a deeper connection with ourselves, our planet, and the living beings that inhabit it.

We offer Pottery classes: Weekly classes as well as once-off Experiences. I call them PlayClay classes as to set a playful tone to the activity... #1 Rule: Have Fun! Our Hand-Building Pottery Classes cater to all ages from 3 years and up.

By engaging in the sensory activity of playing with clay you not only foster a deeper connection but there are also many other wonderful benefits such as Motor Skill Development; Tactile Therapy; Adulthood Innovation; Self Esteem; Discipline; Improving Sensory Development; Problem Solving; Out of the Box Thinking; Expression; Pride and Accomplishment

We invite you to come and join us for a transformative and grounding experience in which we connect with our inner selves and the earth through the art of clay. For more information, kindly contact us.

Come Play with Clay

 Mashca is a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher. I have loved attending her classes and learning the soul-nourishing art of clay play! It is a calming, rewarding and of course creatively enriching practice that I look forward to every week. 

Laura Rose

 "I love Mashca because she helps me make my things. My favourite part is painting my pottery. I love making different things and playing with the clay"  

Vega (6)

 I have experienced first time in my life of making a piece of mud into an unique bowl, it was so exciting! 

Thai Chi teacher